Welcome! ….to both of us.

Face Shot Hi folks! Welcome to Lawyer in the Kitchen. I’m a [newly minted] lawyer and wife, trying   to navigate the paths of traditionalist vs. career woman.

I’ve always loved to cook, but my passion started with baking. I originally started a baking blog, juliscakes.wordpress.com, but after cooking dinner fresh every night, I don’t always have the energy to bake something new.

After graduating from law school, I was determined not to let personal education cease just because I had completed my academic education. I set out three goals, one of which was to learn how to really cook. It turns out that its hard to find serious cooking classes that are affordable and tenable for a full-time lawyer. So I decided to embark on a year of self-educating.

I’ll let you know what I make, what works, and what didn’t work with each recipe. My husband Cory may even show up to tell you his side of the story!

Recipe books, you tube and culinary adventure…here I come!

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