Quick Tip! Substituting whole wheat flour in a recipe

All of you healthy eaters out there that like whole grain versus “white bread” products…listen up!

Where a recipe calls for all-purpose flour, it can’t be 100% substituted with whole wheat flour. All purpose flour has a lower protein content, which affects the density of whatever you’re making. If you substitute entirely with whole wheat, your end product will be very, very dense.

This strawberry bread recipe, posted here in bundt form, was a victim of my attempt to make it “whole wheat.” Its an incredible recipe from my aunt…something we looked forward to every time she came to visit. Unfortunately, I killed it – The hubs will you my experiment was not successful!

If you are looking to make a whole wheat/grain product, just google a recipe rather than substituting in a recipe made for all-purpose flour.

Your taste buds can thank me later 🙂

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