Raspberry and Beet Smoothie


Tonight I’m testing the most delicious recipe for the blog: Irish nachos. Something so cheesy and delicious needs a healthy counterpart, so I’m sharing a recent smoothie recipe that is also super tasty. 

This makes a large smoothie or two mediums and can be refrigerated for a couple of days after blending:

1. 1/3 C frozen raspberries
2. 1 large red beet, quartered 
3. 3/4 C carrots
4. 1/3 of an English cucumber
5. 1 kiwi, quartered
6. 1/2 C plan fat free yogurt
7. 1/2 C skim milk

Remember NOT to peel your veggies as the peels have ton of nutrients – simply rinse for 2 seconds (and scrub if its a root vegetable). Blend together for about one minute and enjoy. Don’t let the veggies fool you, this smoothie tastes like a raspberry milkshake!

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