5 Easy Super Bowl Recipes to Kickoff Your Game Day

The big game is right around the corner, and I’m here to get you ready to feed the masses. Today I’ve gathered the five tastiest, Super Bowl worthy recipes from Lawyer in the Kitchen. This list is perfect for all you game day chefs out there! So read away, get your supplies, and whip up one, or all, of these delectable party appetizers.



Hummus is all the rage these days. Why? Because its delicious! This hummus is unique, zippy, and satisfies your salty cravings. You’ll be sure to impress your foody and health conscious football friends with this Super Bowl recipe (foodies and health conscious folks like the Super Bowl, too!).

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Its the fourth quarter and your team of choice is down by exactly 3 points. What do you grab? A cookie! Every Super Bowl party needs desserts for sugar junkies and nervous nellies alike.

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Cover 3

This is a fan favorite, hands down. The question isn’t why would you bring this dip to a party, its why wouldn’t you!? Seriously. This recipe is super easy, its really creamy, and it has a nice little peppery kick. Serve with toasted baguette slices or just pick up a bag of pita chips at the store. And seriously, everyone is impressed when you bring one of their favorite restaurant appetizers.

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This is seriously one of my best ever recipes. It is honest-to-god, finger licking good. The butter, the soft dough, paired with the salt, OH MY! Pair these pretzels with some old fashioned mustard and they will disappear. This Super Bowl snack is easy and quick – perfect for novice and expert alike.

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And the BEST Lawyer in the Kitchen game day recipe is…


Cover 1

This recipe is so good I could eat it for dinner every night, and its not even a dinner recipe. Steak, dripped in sauce, then topped with gooey cheese, ALL ON TOP OF POTATO CHIPS!! This recipe screams “I’m about to make you the most popular kid at the Superbowl party.”  And nobody else is making this goodness, which positions you to take all the credit.

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If it were me, I’d make all five for the big party and bask in the glory of being the appetizer queen. Did your favorite Super Bowl snack make the list? Let me know in the comment section, below!

Hungry for more? Explore more at Lawyer in the Kitchen!

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