Three New Years Resolutions to Kick Off a Healthier 2016


Happy (almost) New Year, my friends! Have you heard the buzz? Healthy is the new black! So today I’ve got a few food-related New Years resolutions for those of you in search for the perfect way to start 2016.

Read up and commit to an even healthier you before you ring in the new year!

1. Drink more veggies (and fruit)


Getting enough veggies every day is hard. Especially since we don’t tend to eat them for breakfast, leaving us only two meals to eat a full five servings. What a challenge!

But alas, it is so easy to incorporate a couple of extra veggies into your diet by simply adding them into a smoothie. I love knowing that I’ve got a head start on my veggie intake by drinking a smoothie at breakfast. My favorites are beets and spinach. Paired with the right fruit, you’ll never know they’re in there!

Try one of my favorites, a raspberry beet smoothie.

2. Go meatless one day a week (or more!)


Meat is delicious, no doubt. But it’s not as sustainable or as healthy as a plant-based diet. Meat consumption accounts for 1/3 of our water intake, and it takes about 1,800 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. Foregoing meat one day per week not only gives our planet a break, but it also gives you a chance to “catch up” on the number of veggies you eat!

There are so many vegetarian recipes that will satisfy even the most voracious meat-eaters amongst us. Don’t believe me? Check out my recipe gallery, where I feature several vegetarian dishes.

Try this Creamy Pesto Pasta and leave out the bacon!

3. Skip boxed food


Processed food may be simple and easy, but it’s chalk full of sat, sugar, and preservatives. Need another reason to avoid it? It’s expensive! A box of rice pilaf costs $3 – and that’s just for a few servings. If you’re cooking for a crowd, processed food can get really expensive.

Buy things like rice and pasta in bulk, and cook them from scratch. You can replicate almost any recipe with just a few spices!

Try my Better than Boxed Rice Pilaf.

My resolution this year is to kick soda to the curb! To make this manageable, I’m allowing myself one cup of soda per calendar month. The idea is by drinking it so sparingly I won’t even take advantage of that one “cheat” cup.

What better way to commit to a better you by adopting one of these healthy resolutions for 2016. Lawyer in the Kitchen has even more recipes to help you fulfill your 2016 resolutions!

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