Meet the Cook


Cory and I at our October 2012 wedding. Just one short month later, I was sworn into the bar.

I’m a lawyer and wife, trying to navigate the paths of traditionalist vs. career woman.

I’ve always loved to cook, but my passion started with baking. I originally started a baking blog. From there it blossomed to a love of all things food (though I will always eat dessert first, if given the choice!).

I want to share our healthy, whole food lifestyle with you. My husband’s co-workers are astounded by the food that he eats. “How do you eat so well and stay so healthy?” And that’s what I am really here to share with you. Healthy food can be full of flavor and substance. Lawyer in the Kitchen recipes are healthy AND delicious.

Unleashing my culinary creativity is an incredible gift, and balances my career as an attorney. My goal is to arm with you with simple, healthy, and fresh recipes that nourish you and your family, and to inspire you to get creative too.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking!

Questions? Email me here:



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